About us

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stephanie. I’m a Mom of two boys and a wife to my husband of 15 years. I have been home with my family since August of 2007. Jesus Christ is the beat of my heart. I’m a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and spend my days working as a virtual assistant while taking care of my family. I also research other ways to make money working from home and that is how this blog was birthed.

My goal is to be able to share tangible ways to help you use the keys to unlock your true passion and purpose in life. This will give you the freedom to think differently, to dream bigger, and to leave your mark on the world.

My hope is you will leave here inspired to make a difference in your own life. Where that difference will help to change your world and the way you see yourself.

Don’t forget, change takes time. Remember to visit the place that inspires you (bookmark my blog!) and commit yourself to make a change.